Al Dhaid Heritage Park

Sharjah, UAE

Al Dhaid Heritage Park is a historically significant site, with the presence of a restored archeological fort and other existing buildings of historical value all set within a dense oasis.
X-Architects has been challenged to design a visitor center on such a sensitive site, without causing disturbance to the historically valuable context. To leave a minimal visual impact on the historical surroundings and at the same time highlight the newly restored watch tower, the visitor pavilion is sunken and covered with a stage-like camouflage skin made using sundried-mudbricks from the existing site sand. Visitors get immersed into an underground hidden oasis, that showcases the richness of indigenous oasis flora, with a water pond and network of water channels designed to resemble a Falaj: the traditional water irrigation system. A mirage effect is created by using hammered reflective stainless-steel on the underside of the oasis roof.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Jacky Tang, Yazeed Obeid, Nissa Zeinaty, Sebastiano Baldan, Muhammad Jalil Khan, Farah Abou Hamza, Zeina Derawan, Maya Suthar, Abdullah Bashir

Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Government of Sharjah
Visitor Centre & Museum
Built up Area‎ 
2077 sqm