Ahmed Al Ali Takes part at BOLDtalks Innovation 2015

BOLDtalks Innovation is an impactful gathering that brings together an informative variety of discussions that analyse the region’s innovation status and looks at challenges, triumphs, and inspiring solutions through fascinating regional case-studies.
Ahmed Al-Ali looked at the Holy City of Makkah as a model for 21st century holy/ sacred city and the unique challenges and solutions that other cities can learn from. Mecca, however, has to consistently evolve its urban planning that can provide a seamless run to the World’s biggest event. As the tragic stampede at this year’s gathering showed, at a certain density those crowds can become dangerous.
“Obtaining Holiness: Challenges in Modernising Makkah” took place on Saturday 7th November 2015 at The Fridge, Al Serkal Avenue

Link to the Talk: