Farid Esmaeil presents at "Out of Water" conference, University of Toronto

The University of Toronto hosted the conference "Out of Water: Sustaining Development in Arid Climates". The conference took place from April 1–2, 2011 and it was presented by the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design.

The conference offered a platform for water experts in the fields of design, engineering, natural and social sciences to discuss disciplinary methodologies and theoretical intersections in respect to water scarcity in arid regions. Twenty-two established and emergent designers, scholars and scientists discussed ‘water technologies’ within specific hydro-political contexts and evaluated applied solutions.

X-Architects, as an urban design and sustainable practice, was invited to present a water-focused case study, under the theme of "Converting Water Quality". Founding Partner of X-Architects, Farid Esmaeil, presented "Xeritown: Closed-Loop Water Urbanism in Dubai, UAE" as a case study that highlighted a methodological approach that addressed water quality. The case study answered important questions about technological influences on the built environment and its water infrastructural systems.