Qatar Green Building Council Hosts A Thriving Doha Green Discussions Forum

QGBC hosted a successful second series of Doha Green Discussions under the banner “Green Buildings from Islamic and Architectural Identity Perspective” at QGBC Headquarters on the 16th January 2011. The series was timely as the green built movement gains momentum in Qatar.

The highly awaited series saw a large attendance of individuals mostly members of QGBC from construction, contracting, property development, companies and building materials; indicative of the increasing demand of understanding the sustainable built practices from Qatari and architectural perspective due to growing necessity of environmental-friendly and energy efficient buildings.

The application of sustainable practices was further addressed by X-Architects Founding Partner, Farid Esmaeil, where he addressed sustainable design and various characteristics specific to the climate and environment. “A successful sustainable architectural design is one that not only addresses environmental responsibility, but also, social responsibility”, stated Farid at the seminar.