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“O” De Squisito House Boat

Dubai Marina

In response to the recent projects in Dubai such as The Palm and The World, the Boat House proposes a new flexible way of living and enhances the relation between people and sea.
With its clean bold lines, this simple and streamlined structure of 20 x 6.7m includes an upper deck which contains a concealed kitchen, a living room and an entertainment room housing a grand piano. The minimally decorated interior, with large unobstructed windows, offers a panoramic view of the exterior. The lower deck incorporates the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the steering cabin. The two levels are connected through a spiral staircase which becomes an iconic feature of the exterior.

The fundamental structure of the floating home is created from two catamaran beams, with stainless steel and glass used to create enclosed spaces.

Photo credit: Ake Lindman

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Leen Vandaele


Seaspray Marine Services and Engineering

Ms. Leen Vandaele
Built up Area‎ 
220 sqm
Architecture / Interior
Construction Complete