• Urban Density and Character Comparison
  • Connecting the Urban Fabric
  • Concept Development
  • Programme Breakdown
  • Programme Diagram
  • Spine Strategy Developed in Floor Plan
  • Street View of Commerce Corner Node
  • Street View of Shopfronts
  • Street View of Taleem Plaza Node

Ain Al Fayda Housing

Al Ain, UAE

The design of the residential units, which includes 2000 units of government housing, have been based on extensive research on Emirati housing typologies in the region to identify Emirati living needs and cultural requirements - especially in the context of Al Ain. This has helped in developing housing proto-types that not only create a vibrant living environment but also a strong sense of neighborhood. Based on the research, the design of the houses responds to sensitive cultural issues like privacy, future expansion, flexibility and social interaction.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Sven Van Loon, Luca Vigliero, Mathan Ramaiah, Kota Segawa, Mirco Urban,Maria Luise Racha Daher, Hayat Fedda

Al Qudra Real Estate
Built up Area‎ 
2000 ha
Under Construction