• Site
  • Design Concept: The concept for the form of the mosques derives from this phenomena of the evolution and movement of dunes frozen in a moment in time
  • Conceptual Sketch
  • Form Evolution: Inspired by the formation of dunes
  • Design Evolution
  • Site Plan
  • Ground Floor Plan
  • Section
  • Exterior View from Marina
  • Exterior View from Parking
  • Lower Male Prayer Hall View
  • Female Prayer Hall View
  • Main Prayer Hall View

Al Dana Mosque

Abu Dhabi, UAE

A public seaside promenade facing the marina provides a unique setting for this Jame’e Mosque. Inspired by its context and sitting in harmony with its surroundings, the formal language of this mosque derives from a reinterpretation of traditional Islamic architecture, suggesting a new reading while maintaining their essence.

The design approach investigates geometry, scale, and architectural language, and looks at them from a new perspective that reflects the intellect, aspiration, and vision of this nation. The end product is multi-faceted in nature, by corresponding to numerous factors and considerations, all of which interact to create a mosque that is avant-garde and yet deeply rooted in its culture and context.

The traditional sahan has been reimagined as a plaza, transforming the site into an urban connector and public space, allowing for the mosque to become part of its context. The leaning dome, inspired by the shifting sand dunes of the desert, plays a pivotal role in defining the mosque as an urban lantern at night. During the day, the high oculus brings daylight into the space, forming a spiritual connection with the earthy interior and the heavenly skies.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Marija Krsmanovic, Piyush Bajpai, Yazeed Obeid, Samar Halloum, Abdullah Bashir,Nazish Khushrudin, Mena AlSamarrai

Aldar Properties
Built up Area‎ 
2200 sqm
Schematic Design