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Al Nasseem

Al Ain, UAE

Inspired by the natural features of Al Ain, and the dense urban fabric of traditional Islamic cities, the master plan for Al Nasseem creates a unique synergy between urbanity and landscape. Al Ain, also known as the oasis city, is blessed with a unique landscape condition that promotes plant life and supports greenery in a harsh desert environment. The development is envisioned to bring this oasis condition to the fore while also taking its cue from traditional islamic cities and forts that are densely packed to provide self shading and improve wind circulation. These traditional principles offer a passive and simple way to combat the harsh desert environment without excessive technological aids. The master plan attempts to use these principles and adapt them to the modern context to create a strong sustainable community in Al Ain.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Mathan Ramaiah, Sven Van Loon, Luca Vigliero, Francesco Moncada, Lidia Barbiero, Dario Cavallaro, Paulo Geronimo



Al Qudra Real Estate
Mixed Use
Built up Area‎ 
12 ha
On going