• The concept of the galleries is to attain flexibility to transport themselves from one context to another
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Art Boulevard for TDIC

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Around every corner a surprise… Every space like a magic box waiting to be revealed by curious visitors... Spaces which are loud, busy and active... Spaces which are quiet, peaceful and meditative… Some spaces are for “Us” while some spaces for “Me” alone. Filtering the layers of art spaces, the courtyards are a sense of relief in heightening the light experience of nature- a space silenced by its simplicity of form and space; deepening the sense of serenity bounded by a solid perimeter.

The stillness of a courtyard space with its natural relationship to water, and the rehabilitation of the endangered turtles, form an interactive and meditative space for those in search for silence and self-enrichment. Functions like galleries and shops opens to each other forming a continuous transitional space from inside to outside. It fuses together into a dynamic tissue of in and in-between with endless conditions to discover and experience. It reveals itself in layers a continuous loop boulevard/market flow without a beginning or an end; wrapping around a soft tissue of program.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Dana Sheikh, Nazish Khan, Riccardo Robustini, Abdullah Bashir

Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC)
Art Boulevard
Built up Area‎ 
3032 sqm
Concept Design