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Floating Trees

Abu Dhabi, UAE

We imagine… a space without a boundary… a space where thoughts float with nature… a space where art fuses with experience… where art is brought to life with an art of living. The environment is our culture… It shapes our beliefs… It hosts our memories… It harvests our dreams… It flames our imagination. We imagine a manifesto for the environment… An open gate to the project...a cloud. A cloud of 100 Ghaf tree hovers above the heads... It shades, it defines and it hosts, but also reminds us how important and fragile our environment is... suspended in the air on drilling oil pipes.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Riccardo Robustini, Nazish Khan, Dana Sheikh

The Office of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai
Urban Sculpture
Built up Area‎ 
13,500 sqm
Concept Design