• Diagram showing the phenomenal speed at which Jeddah and Makkah have grown in the last century turning them into megalopolises.
  • The Growth of the Holy Mosque through the Years
  • Makkahatten: A collage done in response to the recent architectural development around the Grand mosque predicting the ‘future’ as familiar and typical.
  • This collage tries to capture the untold story of the Hajj Heroes: Innumerable policemen, doctors, cleaners, drivers, construction workers, food suppliers and Zam Zam distributors work around the clock to assure the success of the religious event.
  • The Exhibition Space
  • The Exhibition Space
  • The Exhibition Space
  • The Exhibition Space
  • The Exhibition Space

Louisiana Museum Exhibition

Humblebaek, Denmark
2014, Jan - May

Arab Contemporary Architecture, Culture and Identity Exhibition: In recent years, the Arab world has been undergoing rapid constant social, cultural, political and architectural transformation. As a respond to that, X-Architects developed a research on the holy city of Mecca in which the extreme identity crisis is captured and represented. LMOMA asked X-Architects to participate in the exhibition in order to shed some critical light on the issue. The research captures the continual pressure of growth that results in constant demolishing of historical city fabrics and archeological sites. The debate remains on what expense and to what extend one should pursue modernity.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Luca Vigliero

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Urban Analysis
Built up Area‎ 
Investigation / Research