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Mountain Villa

Al Ain, UAE

Mountain villa is about experiencing a unique lifestyle between land and sky. The Villa is sensitive to the Al Ain environment through its strategic use of materiality, colors, and atmosphere. The materials are relevant to the mountain allowing the building to camouflage within its context, reinforcing its relationship to the mountain. To relate the villa to its context, and reinterpret vernacular climate control system into a contemporary ambience, palm reeds are used to act as brise soleil. Other materials that are historically found in Al Ain like copper, and several types of stones are used in façade elements and cladding. In terms of planning, the most important volumes float gracefully on the rocky mountaintops. This volume acts as a magic carpet where the family can enjoy the wonderful view to Al Ain but at the same time, feel the comfort of a private atmosphere. Below this lie the private components of the villa, carved into the mountain to enhance the feeling of privacy and intimacy. Between the two volumes there is an open space where people can enjoy breathtaking views of Al Ain while relaxing in the infinity pool or enjoying other activity spaces like the garden, solarium, showers and saunas.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Luca Vigliero, Mario Baez, Adrian Duran

Tamouh Investments
Built up Area‎ 
780 sqm x 16