• Creek Site Analysis
  • Urban Context
  • Purpose: Activating the Waterfront
  • Goal: Connecting the Two Sides of the Creek
  • Massing Diagram
  • Programme Diagram
  • Design Approach
  • Site Plan
  • Site Plan Detail: Recreation Area
  • Site Plan Detail: Floating Market Area
  • Site Plan Detail: Water-related Activities Area
  • Aerial View
  • Floating Market View
  • Courtyard View
  • Shops Corner View

New Dubai Creek Masterplan

Dubai, UAE

It has been said that Dubai took its name from the Persian word Du-Bai which literally means the two brides. Historically, the name symbolized the two main areas of the city; Bar Deira and Bar Dubai. The creek “Al Khour” is the geographical element that the city grew around making it the connection between these two areas of the city. Since the banks of the creek had been used for international trade, the growth of the city of Dubai happened around the creek due to its role in the economic and financial status of the city. However, the significance of the creek diminished with the appearance of Jabal Ali Port and Port Saeed and the development of modern infrastructure that allowed the city to grow along the sea shore and towards the desert, away from the creek. Although the creek was once the main corniche of Dubai, large portions of its banks are left unused or are being used as parking lots for the adjacent governmental buildings.

In an effort to bring social and economic life back to the creek, X Architects proposed diverse activities that will encourage the public life and will emphasize the Creek as an essential area in the city. The project will on one hand, socially stitch the two banks of the Creek. While on the other hand, it will blur the edge between the land and the water to highlight the historical role of the creek in connecting the national trade overseas. The proposed interaction that happens along the blurred edge of the creek is achieved by the concept of floating markets that combine the water with the land through the economic transactions.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Riccardo Robustini, Abdullah Bashir, Haia Machfij, Nazish Khan, Nissa El Zeinaty

Mixed Use
Built up Area‎ 
31,774 sqm
Concept Design