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  • The flexibility of the fabric allows for three dynamic configurations: a fully open facade, a fully closed facade, and an intermediate one.
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Qatar Residential Building

Doha, Qatar

In the context of an Arab Muslim society, privacy is one of the most influential factors in the design of residential architecture. Consequently, the edge between the public and the private is received as a well-defined and respected line in the design process. To avoid the impractical conditions that result from the cultural ignorance and the blind application of Western architectural methods, X-Architects designed a residential building that gives importance to the cultural dynamics of the users.

In a dense urban fabric, the façade openings of the residential buildings form an issue to the residents that leaves no option to the residents but to close the windows and curtains all the time to maintain the privacy. Therefore, X-Architects designed the building openings as a filtering skin which acts as a device to monitor the harsh sunlight and the intruding eyes. Moreover, the skin is flexible which gives the user the choice to determine the privacy level by adjusting the openness of the skin. Moreover, the elevations are designed to host multiple programs and activities; while at some parts it is a space for planting, at others it acts as built in furniture or planes to display art pieces. Subsequently, the appearance of the façade is a dynamic composition that reflects the activities of its users.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Mirco Urban, Riccardo Robustini, Abdullah Bashir

Residential Buiding
Built up Area‎ 
8940 sqm
Concept Design