Rawdat Al Doha

Doha, Qatar

Doha’s Education City is known for its prestigious international universities, cutting-edge research facilities and iconic buildings design by world-renowned starchitects. The 14 square kilometer is often referred to as the “Knowledge Oasis”, but its vast, uneven and incoherent masterplan poses a huge challenge for allowing social interactions, walkability and creating a sense of place to the people of the area. Qatar Foundation (the client) commissioned X Architects to design a 300 key, state of the art, five star hotel located inland with no significant views or distinctive features. The site was strategically located on the entrance of the city close to Arata Asozahi’s “Al Sedra” Convention Center. The client brief suggested that the hotel & service apartments project shall be “designed to create an attractive and stylish environment from within that integrates with the external environment to enhance the visitors experience of the area at the facility”. This interesting proposition raised an even more interesting question: can architecture recreate or enhance the natural environment? Can architecture act as a framework where a fabricated ecological system can flourish? We may understand that our own building technology for increasing the liveliness of a landscape; the enhancement of the natural elements in a vicinity, such as mountains, water, gravity, earth, plants, etc. could not only be considered an ecofriendly enhancer of the environment, but also uses an architectural organization to socialize the environment, naturalize the surrounding, and frame the setting into a productive system. Architectural forms, as they become integrated with the natural system, become technologies that alter, augment, or harness those systems.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Yazeed Obeid, Abdullah Bashir, Adrian Duran, Paolo Russi, Abhijit Kapade, Samar Halloum, Dana Nabtiti, Mena Al Samarrai, Deepali Dang, Neda Rahpaima

Qatar Foundation
Built up Area‎ 
43,546 sqm