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Saadiyat Beach Mosque

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The project is located on the Saadiyat Island which has been described as an "up-scale cultural district with in Emirates or Abu Dhabi". Since Saadiyat Island has a lot of visitors from all over the world, the project acts as a public space within the Saadiyat district. People can come to this mosque not only for prayers but for various social activities and interaction. The design strategy for the pray area is a unique combination of traditional elements in a modern interpretative way. The traditional dome structure is “sliced” in a unique geometrical weave of arcs in order to create an architectural module which will provide an intimate and peaceful space with seeping natural light.

Design Team 

Ahmed Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Luca Vigliero, Kota Segawa, Mirco Urban, Paulo Geronimo, Reydel Lontok

Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC)
Built up Area‎ 
4384 sqm
Competition Proposal