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Seef Lusail Vertical Freej

Qatar, Doha

Seef Lusail Vertical Freej is an experimental new housing typology for Qatari Nationals who seek a suburban private courtyard house even in the heart of Doha City.

Freej is an Arabic word meaning neighbourhood. The ‘vertical freej’ concept offers a communal in-between space for social interactions and active programs by creating a network of gardens, circulation patterns, voids, projections and protruding elements, giving the impression of a densely woven traditional Arab urban fabric.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Abhijit Kapade, Marija Krsmanovic, Sebastiano Baldan, Sahil Latheef, Samar Halloum, Hala Al Juboori, Nissa Al Zeinaty, Dixie Parcutela, Arvin Padayo, Emerson Angeles, Abdullah Bashir, Halla Al Fahmawi, Nazish Khushrudin

Lusail Real Estate Development
Mixed Use
Built up Area‎ 
121,530 sqm
Competition Winner / Detail Design