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UAE Embassy

Doha, Qatar

Inspired by the sequential spatial configuration of historical forts in the UAE, the UAE embassy in Qatar was designed as a modern interpretation that satisfies the comprehension of Emirati Architecture and the understanding of the security demands.

The challenge throughout the project was to balance between the rough ambiguous characteristics of the embassy and the spatial qualities that respect the human scale and the surrounding environmental conditions. The final design provided the separation between the embassy, the consulate, the ambassador’s resident and the Majlis through a series of indoor and outdoor spaces with a series of courtyards that glues the program.

Design Team 

Ahmed Al-Ali, Farid Esmaeil, Mirco Urban, Kota Segawa, Pariya Manafi, Dana Sheikh, Nazish Khan

UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Built up Area‎ 
7830 sqm
Ongoing Tender